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Notes for Parents and Students


Hourly Tuition Rates(including online lessons):

(from September 2021)

A level tuition (Maths):                                             £ 40 per hour

Performance Coaching                                             Please ask

GCSE tuition                                                               £35 per hour

(Maths, English, French)

Primary School Tuition and 11+                             £ 35 per hour

A level Physics                                                            £45 per hour

I also charge a fee for travel to a client's house, which is typically £2-£5 per visit.

I am happy to teach students in my own home( see below).

Once lessons become regular, pre-payments are made for blocks of 5 or 10 lessons at a time. 

Other Subjects Offered:

From 2014 I am delighted to be teaching the  IGCSE Environmental Management Course. In general I enjoy a new challenge and will often be pleased to teach a new course. Please ask!  I will always be honest with students and parents. If the teaching is not of the hightest quality, I will not wish to continue.

Other Notes on Lesson Fees

Additional students: I am happy to consider teaching more than one student at a time, although this will involve an additional charge. This will often depend on the compatability of the students and other factors.

Rescheduled lessons: where there is a genuine need for the lesson time to be changed, I will do my best to do this, and there will be no  charge. If lessons are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, the charge for the missed lesson will l be payable at the next lesson.

Student illness: wherever possible we will reschedule the lesson and no extra charge will be made. If it is not possible to reschedule the lesson, half of the fee for the lesson will need to be paid.

During Lessons

Mobile phones and other distractions should be switched off.I would normally expect there to be another adult in the house during lessons to GCSE students/female students. If this is difficult to arrange, I am happy to give lessons in a local library or other public place. 


What Students need to do at the Start of Each Lesson

It sounds obvious, but I need to state that students should be ready to start at the beginning of each lesson (ie books and stationary ready,  and a suitable place for learning set up. etc). I would suggest that students have an A4 hardback notebook write in.



It is particularly helpful if A level students can give me advance notice of what areas they wish to go through, as I have a large number of past exam papers etc. With the parents’ permission, I am happy for students to text me this information in advance, or to leave a message on my home answer-phone.


I have a CRB check and references which you should feel free to ask to look at.


I do a lot of teaching in the school holidays, especially to 6th form students, and it is quite possible to do four hours of lessons in one day with a student. If you wish to do this, please book me in good time, as my diary gets very congested at certain times of the year.

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