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Performance coaching works with a series of consultations. These last typically 30-50 minutes. The coach prompts the client with a series of simple but searching questions. The client reacts with new and insightful thinking.  The client forms a plan, and the coach helps with motivation. The plan becomes a reality.

I offer the services below which will often be appropriate as part of the coaching process. Please tell me in advance if I can help with any of the following:

Unlocking potential for individuals and small businesses

2 Leadership coaching

3 Career planning/strategic planning

4 Interview preparation and practice.

5 Public speaking/presentation preparation and practice.

6 CPD requirements ( I am a CPD accredited coach.).

7 Personality Profiling: understanding group dynamics

8 Knowing your values; acting on your values

9 Motivation, resilience and confidence coaching

My speciality is Leadership Coaching and Small Business Coaching. 

What is Performance Coaching?

Performance Coaching is a growing industry in the UK. It has its roots originally in the USA. It has borrowed training techniques used by companies aiming to improve their performance. Some of the techniques are tried and tested and have been around since the 1930s. In the USA, trainers started using these techniques with individuals, rather than groups in the late 80s.

Around the year 2000 coaching for individuals grew in popularity in the UK. The applications are very varied. Goals set can be personal or professional. A good coach will help you find a goal, and then make it a reality.

Coaching is for people who appreciate a positive challenge. It is distinct from related areas, such as mentoring, management consultancy, counselling, or therapy. Surprisingly, the coach often does not do or say much other than to ask searching questions. They will not offer or advice or come up with solutions: the client does this.There are checks in place to make sure any goals set are ethical, and will not harm the client or those around them.


The largest training organisation in the world is ‘The Coaching Academy’, a British Company based in London.

Research shows that people generally spend more time planning their annual holiday, than setting objectives for their life. Large organisations usually have their own ‘in house’ training, but smaller companies and individuals perhaps miss out.

Fees for Performance Coaching:

These work out at £100 per session, for adults (normally up to one hour) + travel expenses, if you wish to buy a package of at least 4 sessions. It is good to meet face to face, but telephone/skype consultations  also work very well.

For those who would prefer to ‘pay as you go’, the fee is £120 per session + travel. There are considerable discounts for teenagers, so please ask.

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