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"Tim is a truly likeable personality. He is organised and reliable, but he is also spontaneous"

Tim has been teaching for over 30 years. He has coached adults and teenagers in various capacities during his career. He  became a qualified teacher in 1989 and has taught Maths, Science, English and French to GCSE.   He has also taught Maths and Physics to A-level and beyond.  He is a member of The Coaching Academy, and also enjoys coaching people in business as well as students of all ages.

About me ...


My first teaching experience was working in Zimbabwe at the age of 18 in a rural school. I had classes of over 50, and my oldest students were 25. Some of them had been fighting in the ‘bush’ during the war of independence. I have a degree in Engineering Science from Exeter University, and also qualified as a chef when I was 23. 


My PGCE teacher training was in ‘Maths with English’ (for secondary schools). I have subsequently been working in several UK boarding schools, most recently for 7 years at Uppingham School near Leicester.

I am currently working as a Performance Coach, as a Member of The Coaching Academy. I am also involved in teaching GCSE and A levels on a freelance basis. I am an Associate Teacher of the Oxford Hospital School.  My teaching and coaching work has recently evolved- I am now happy to coach/teach online, and this has opened up some exciting opportunities

I am married, and have two small children. My wife is a doctor, and we now live near Banbury.

Although I trained as a secondary school teacher, I have become fascinated by childrens' primary school learning.  For this reason, I am now starting to teach a small number of younger children. It is great fun!

My Ethos


I have taught in 3 continents, and some of the best schools in the UK.


Teachers need to have a really good working knowledge of their subject. More importantly, they need to inspire their students and achieve an excellent rapport with them. This is where I believe my success lies.

Term-time Availability:


My availability for September 2018 is as below. I am also availible to teach in the school holidays, and, occasionally, in the evening: My availability often changes as the academic year progresses.

(as at September 2023)



Morning:                        unavailable

Midday:                          available

Early Afternoon:            unavailable

Late Afternoon:              unavailable




Morning:                         available

Midday:                           available

Early Afternoon:             available

Late Afternoon:              unavailable



Morning:                          available

midday:                           available

Early Afternoon:              unavailable

Late Afternoon:              unavailable


Morning:                         available 

Midday:                           available

Early Afternoon:              unavailable

Late Afternoon:               unavailable


Morning:                           available

Midday:                            available

Early Afternoon:               available

Late Afternoon:               available


sometimes free

Private tuition allows the time needed to develop this chemistry . Whether it be a high-flyer who is keen to secure a top grade, or a student who is really struggling with a subject, I can target my teaching to bring out the best.


"As the exam approached Tim was able to cover practice papers with my daughter and offered advice on exam technique.


Hence I would recommend Tim as an excellent tutor."

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